I have met many healers and energy workers, but Kendra is the most gifted of all of them.
She utilizes Simply Healed, which clears negative emotions on a mental, emotional, and physical level in an easy, non-invasive way. Kendra creates a safe and loving environment so that her clients feel very safe and not judged. This combined with her inborn intuitive and loving nature makes the big difference in the effectiveness of her work.
 I would unequivocally recommend Kendra to anyone who is committed to healing their issues and getting results.
T Stephens, Newport Beach, Ca
I feel so fortunate to have worked with Kendra. During my session with her, she helped to move some pretty big things for me from my childhood, from past experiences, and just old stagnant energy that was ready to be let go. Her quick way of finding the root of the problem and cleaning it up is incredible!  There was no dwelling on past experiences or rehashing them in order to clear them. I felt lighter immediately and noticed as soon as I hung up the phone my manner had shifted. I was calm and felt better instantly. My husband even noticed the change that night. (Talk about immediate results!) Her professional and personable demeanor made me feel confident and comfortable to trust her to help me on my journey to wholeness. -Rachel, UT

I recently lost my wife to cancer.  It was the most tragic event of my life.  I have never been so devastated, and I really didn’t see any way that I could live through my pain.  There was no consolation in sight, and I didn’t know where to turn.  My late wife’s sister, Brenda, told me about a friend of hers named Kendra Bodine that did “energy work” and was able to help people with disturbances in their lives such as mine.  I have always been very skeptical regarding that sort of thing, but my pain allowed room for exploration, as I was desperate for relief.
Brenda must have told her of my pain, because before I could call her, Kendra was calling me.  I was in Tennessee at the time visiting my daughter when she first made contact with me.  She did some work on me over the phone, which left me perplexed.  I wasn’t quite sure what had just occurred, but I know that I felt a little relief.
 When I returned home to Mesa, Arizona I was in intense emotional pain again.  I called Brenda and got Kendra’s number.  I called Kendra and asked if I could see her face to face, to which she agreed.  I went directly to her home, seeking some sort of relief from what felt like an exploding heart.  Kendra proceeded to work on me, reading my energy and soothing my aches.  Once again, I felt a rush of warm relaxation flow over my soul.  I actually felt like my sweet wife’s spirit was present.
 It would be hard for me to describe exactly what she does, but I do know that over the subsequent weeks, she was my only source of comfort.  I recognized from the first time we spoke that she had a gift of discernment like no other I had spoken to.  She was getting her inspiration from a higher source; of that I have no doubt.  She continued to be there for me until I felt secure enough to be on my own; with the understanding that I could call her any time of the day, should I start feeling ungrounded or shaky.
I can’t explain how or why, but I can verify that Kendra is a gifted individual with a special gift of healing and helping.  I am grateful for her kindness and the tenderness with which she came to my side and gave me strength, when I thought there would never be strength again.
 With Gratitude,
 Randy C. Watts
Kendra has worked with me for a couple of months.  The modality that Kendra uses is very effective!  She has been able to help me get rid of the negative beliefs that I have carried around for a very long time.  She is the master of her craft.  She is the mediator, as she works to discover the problem.
I was in an emotionally difficult situation last night. It was hard to fall asleep.  I woke up several times.   The first time I woke up my jaw was clenched tight and I could feel the adrenaline pouring into my stomach.  It seemed to me that Kendra’s influence came to me.  She has taught me so many things about how to identify and clear my energy.  An impression came to my mind, “you are stronger than your emotions and you are more powerful than your challenges”.  I immediately felt peace and calm.  I fell back to sleep, only to wake twice more and have the exact same thing happen.  I woke feeling at peace.  This modality that Kendra has mastered works with the influence of the spirit.  I know she was connected to the help I received last night.
The work that Kendra does is so fast and effective. There is no pain and no bringing up the past to “let things go” and be able to move forward.  I have found that I have been able to resolve issues much faster and more accurately than any other traditional methods available.  I love Kendra and recommend her to all my friends and my family.
Kendra has made such a huge difference in my life.  She is so experienced and gifted!!  It never ceases to amaze me how she intuitively knows exactly what healing is needed at that exact moment.  I am very grateful for the changes in my life and healing in my body that I can directly give credit to the work I've done with Kendra.
~M. Muir, UT
After just one session with Kendra, I knew I had found a type of healing that could be felt immediately. I have tried many types of energy work, but none have compared to the instant shift in my energy that I received with Simply Healed. Kendra was able to get right to the issues that needed healing. The most amazing part about this type of healing is that it can be done over the phone with the same results as meeting in person. Many people are afraid that they will have to feel all the sadness and pain again associated with any trauma or crisis in order to heal. This belief is dispelled with Simply Healed healing. The releasing of trapped pain and false beliefs were so simple and liberating. On several occasions I have telephoned Kendra, in a crisis, and was able to shift right out of it.  She is highly professional and puts one at ease the moment you meet her. Her sincere compassion and desire to help others heal, is a true gift. I highly recommend having a session with Kendra to anyone wanting to heal quickly and once and for all!
With gratitude,
Kendyall Guthrie